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APARA Global apparel is a subsidiary of APARA Global. With a core goal of being an active wear apparel tailored brand, APARA is dedicated to unlock the longevity of an innovative and sustainable African spirit.


To offer readymade activewear through Afrocentric brand presence, to touch the hearts and souls of people worldwide.


To be a globally recognized activewear brand advocating comfort through sleek, high-end, functional, vivacious, on trend apparel designs confidently anywhere at any time.


Our story… from the beginning to now

APARA Global started as the fashion consulting company and the journey sprang out of curiosity and a drive to change the existing fast fashion world, which was, in 2018, more waste and climate change. Since its conception, APARA Global has seen its role as the brand that provides “favourites” for every men, woman and children’s closet. African narrative personified by our deep African roots focused on the well-being and strength of the people and our planet earth. APARA’s first women collection, sees the light of day in the summer of 2018 and is initially sold in Johannesburg. But the APARA customer isn’t satisfied because they want more: so the first APARA men collection, launches in 2019, and in 2020 the first separate fitness wear collection makes its debut. Since then, APARA Global apparel has seen its product range grow to include boys’ and girls’ collections up to 16 years, as well as the limited edition collection.

Our passion… sustainable fashion first

APARA Global isn’t a big design factory that treats clothing as a secondary line. For us, quality of life and eradicating poverty comes first, and our clothing reflects this passion.

Our philosophy… people’s design on people’s terms

We believe that people’s clothing has to be designed on people’s terms so they can express their creativity and personality through their clothes. We believe in clothing designed for real life, not just special occasions. People need clothing that allows them to move freely, express themselves openly and fearlessly explore a world of delightful possibilities- not clothing that restricts their movements.

Our design… slow fashion with a quirky charm

We bring a contemporary twist on the luxury activewear enthused by our allegiance to the African’s traditions. APARA’s design feeds a person’s imagination with strong bold combinations of black and white colours. At APARA, we are completely crazy about monochrome because we appreciate that they help give character to even the smallest personalities. A print is something any person can relate to and can easily fall in love with. This is why monochrome are so vital to APARA’s collections. Our style is urban premium, simple and sophisticated designs that often have a humorous twist or are just quirky enough to get noticed- but never at the price of function and quality. Our design is a mix of fun, cleaner, “raw” African look. The clothes provide the necessary functional details that every person needs, and they stand up to even the person’s most active life. APARA Global is active wear fashion that’s heavy on the charm!

APARA Global brand differentiation:

It’s about the fit and design,
Exceptional style and comfort throughout the day,
Bold, contemporary, vibrant, each design and fabric adds its own flavour of choice,
Top quality textures inspired by a combination of sustainable fashion and a bespoke craft.

3 facts about APARA Global Apparel

APARA is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. 100% black women owned and locally produced with recycled fabric. Representation and pride for Africa's young recycled textile & apparel for women, men and children 5-16 years.